Thursday, August 9, 2012


We're headed off for vacation next week, and I'm kind of excited because I'm looking forward to (hopefully) a sunny beach week with T and the kiddos.  However, I'm a little nervous at the thought of all that time cooped up with the kids in a teeny cabin.  E is definitely two.  She is a screamer, a cryer, and a semi-tantrumer, though I completely ignore the tantrum thing so it doesn't happen much.  It's a tough age because if I'm not watching them, it's hard to tell if D did something to make her legitimately upset, or if she's just being a brat.  We'll see how that goes in close quarters for a week!

Tomorrow is my next OB appointment.  I feel kind of huge compared to D and E's pregnancies.  I know that my stomach muscles are all stretched out from the other two, but up until a couple of weeks ago I wasn't showing much.  It's weird.  My pee is also a little cloudy, which I read can be normal or can be a sign of gestational diabetes.  Isn't the internet wonderful?  I really hope I don't have GD, because mama likes her ice cream.  If I can't drink wine, at least I can have my little bowl of ice cream instead.  :/

As T kindly pointed out, I didn't really have "cankles" per se, just fat feet.  Haha.  However, they've been much better this past week, so I'm hoping it was just a phase.  They're still a little puffy on the tops of my feet and the sides, but nothing like they were before.

Gumdrop is kicking all the time, which is totally nice.  Sometimes I use the doppler even though I can feel him kicking, just to hear the heartbeat.  I'm falling more and more in love with him every day...

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm not going to lie.  The cankles are starting to make me nervous.  Not only are they uncomfortable, but they don't seem to just stick around when I try to do too much.  I'm sure I could be eating less salt and staying off my feet more, but I really don't feel like I'm overdoing it.

I know it's a jump, but it makes me worry about pre-eclam.psia.  My blood pressure cuff calms my nerves some, because it tells me that my BP is normal, but I'll feel better after the pee test next week.

24 weeks on Saturday.  This baby is becoming a real person!