Saturday, February 28, 2009

On the rocks, with salt

I bought a big bottle of Margarita mix on Friday. I had two margaritas on Friday, one last night, and I'm probably going to have another one tonight. If I get lucky, I'm hoping they'll be my last margaritas for a while.

I had my HSG Friday. I was a little nervous because I was going alone (hubs was home taking care of D) plus I had heard from multiple people that it can cause some nasty cramps. I took my prescribed 600mg of Advil before the appointment, and honestly, compared to my D&Es and childbirth (which are the only other hoo-hoo related things I have to compare it to) it was a piece of cake. I was lucky enough to not really have cramping, and the only part that was uncomfortable was when they were pumping the dye in because it felt kind of like I was getting bloated. From the horror stories I read today about HSGs, I'm wondering if mine was a little less painful because of the fact that my uterus had already been stretched to the size of a 7 1/2 pound baby.

In case you haven't been reading along since this post, the HSG is a test where they pump dye into your uterus while they're watching your uterus on an x-ray. They're able to look for abnormalities in the shape of your uterus as well as any problems with your fallopian tubes. The good news from the land of HSG is that my uterus is a normal shape, there is no septum, and the tubes are both functioning. So apparently that is not my problem.

Next on the menu is some awesome ovulation tests (which have been negative since Friday) and the even more awesome progesterone - more on that later. I'm sure I'll have some kick-ass side effects to share with you.

All in all, I'm in a happy place right now. I feel like someone is finally keeping an eye on me (and by someone, I mean the doctors and nurses at the OB.) I'm hopeful that with the baby aspirin and the progesterone that I might actually be able to keep a baby alive once I'm lucky enough to build one again. And that, my friends, is certainly something to be happy about.


Amy said...

I hope those are your last maragaritas for a good long while! I'm crossing everything for you!

Never Clever said...

Yay for a good HSG! That's good it wasn't too painful or uncomfortable for you. Happy Ovulating!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for cleared tubes!

HSG's totally make me crampy.

I am the same way. Before I might 'potentially' be pregnant each cycle I make sure I have everything I won't be able to have during pregnancy like some wine and some fish fry and a big 'ol turkey sub and some!

Good luck this cycle!

I would still do the every other day baby-dance routine even though you are using OPK bc OPK's don't always work for everyone and you'd hate to miss it.