Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lies... They're all lies.

When people tell you that "it's your third, it will come more quickly."  "You'll be early."  "My first two were late, but the third one was two weeks early." 

Don't believe them.  They're liars.  (I've been convinced all along that I wouldn't be early, but I was hoping the liars were right.)

40 plus 4

And no induction for me this week because his head is still too high.

NST on Saturday.  Doctor's office on Monday.  Induction Tuesday at 40 plus NINE.  (just a reminder that D was induced at 40+1 and E was induced at 40+5.)

On the bright side,

1. My placenta is still young and healthy and I have "plenty" of amniotic fluid.

2. I'm still getting stuff done on my "before the baby is born" to-do list.

3. Maybe I'll go into labor on my own.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

40 weeks

Happy due date to me.

And still pregnant.  Haha.

NST scheduled for tomorrow and my doctor is back from vacation on Tuesday.  I'm definitely envisioning another induction this week.  I've had two already so why not continue the tradition, right?

One good thing about not going early is that I've gotten tons done in the past couple of weeks, so I feel much more prepared now than I did a couple of weeks ago. (That basically means I've had time to clean my house, catch up on laundry, buy and wrap some final Christmas presents, etc.  It doesn't mean I'm any more prepared for the baby!  lol)

So that's where I am - just hanging out waiting to pop.  It's eviction day, baby.  Get with the program!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

38 and 5

This time has flown by.

I'm nervous.  I'm not particularly nervous about the labor and delivery (though there is always the thought of stillbirth and complications at the back of my mind) but I'm nervous about the after.  The stark reality of THREE kiddos is looming very clearly in my future.  I'm sure it will be fine once we're in a routine, but I'm also sure that there will be more than one day when we'll miss the bus and end up driving to school because I can't get myself and all 3 kiddos acts together by 8:20.  C'est la vie, eh?

Baby boy is about 7lbs. 9oz. as of yesterday, head down, but my cervix is still looooooong and closed.  (I'm not too worried about the weight because I was told D was bigger than he ended up being too.  All those measurements are approximations.)  My weekly non-stress tests have been uneventful, in general.  My blood pressure has been running a little high here and there, but luckily there's been no talk of pre-eclampsia or bed rest. 

My doctor is on vacation until 11/27, and he seems to think I won't deliver before then since my other two were late.  I've got an appointment scheduled for that day, and according to him "we'll talk about an induction then."  I was induced with E five days after my due date, and I guess if I don't go by the 27th, the odds are good that I will probably be about the same with this guy.  (Just watch.  Because I'm saying all this, I'll end up going into labor like, TOMORROW.)  I guess I should spend some time looking for those bassinet sheets today...