Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Same Feeling Every. Single. Time.

It seriously doesn't matter how many ultrasounds I have. I have the same feeling of impending doom every time. And thankfully, this time, once again, that feeling was unfounded.

I just found out a couple of days ago that the best man from our wedding, and my husband's best friend, just got engaged. So exciting, and he's asked T to be in the wedding. Only problem is that the wedding is in October. In Florida. A month before I'm due. :( I'm really bummed at the thought of missing it. It's also the weekend of T's birthday. Double bummer. So the only consolation I had at the thought of losing the baby was that at least I would be able to go to the wedding. Yes, an admittedly f*&%ed up thought, but if we're being honest...

Now to cut to the chase. My knockers are huge. (For me anyway.) I think they've grown about a cup size within the last two weeks. My morning sickness is still mild which is kind of amusing to me since it was awful with both D and E, so I can't use the old, "well, it must be a {insert gender} because I never had it with..." But seriously people, thank God. I was not looking forward to that part. I still feel yucky and slightly queasy almost every day, but NOTHING like D and E's pregnancies.

Update from the appointment today:

BP (post u/s): 110/70
Baby's measuring: 8 w 5 d
Baby's HB: 170 (!)
Hematoma: Still present, but not worrying the doctor all that much

I'm not going back again for almost four weeks, (until my 12 w nuchal screening) which would normally freak me out, except for the fact that I can pull out my little friend dopp.ler in about a week. If I can't get a hb for a few days, I'm going to call and ask to be seen.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I had an u/s with an R.E. yesterday (to whom I was sent by my regular O.B. as a precaution.) I've been kind of dreading the appointment, partly because T couldn't go with me because of bringing D to preschool and not wanting to bring kids to a fer.tility clinic, and partly because I honestly wasn't optimistic about still having a live baby in there this week. I've continued to have mild morning sickness, I've been tired a lot and my bo.obs are now bigger, but these symptoms are very mild compared to both of my other successful pregnancies. I know every pregnancy can be different, but it's really got me kind of paranoid. That coupled with the hemat.oma made me very pessimistic about the outcome of the u/s. Also, I'm performing in a musical this weekend (opening night is tomorrow) and I was SO paranoid that I was going to have to schedule a D&E today, on the day of the dress rehearsal, or worse yet, wait the whole weekend knowing it was dead.

To my surprise and joy, the baby is still in there, heart beating away, and growing like a champ. I didn't ask what the heartbeat was, but they said it sounded great. In addition, 8 days after the baby measured 6w 4d at my O.B.'s office, it measured about 8 weeks at the R.E.'s office. That puts me closer to my LMP. They looked at the hemat.oma (1 inch) and the R.E. said that he still thinks I have about an 85% chance of carrying to term. He told me to continue my progeste.rone for 3 more weeks, and he "released" me back to my regular O.B.

For the first time in this pregnancy, I'm allowing myself to feel a little optimistic...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One down

Only about 30 appointments to go...

There is a live baby in there. With a heartbeat. :)

Heartbeat: 126
Measuring: 6 weeks 4 Days
BP: 128/86 (not bad for before the u/s)

According to my LMP I should be 7 w 2 d, but because I'm sure I ovulated late, I think I'm only about 2 days behind where I would have expected to be (6 weeks 6 days).

The only bad news so far is that I do have a hematoma at the top of my uterus next to the gestational sac. I don't know how big. I didn't even ask. These things can resolve themselves, but I had one with one of my miscarriages so they make me very nervous. The doctor was cautiously optimistic, but he knows I've been around the block, so he didn't try to b.s. me. He just basically said that it can resolve on its own, and we'll hope for the best.

I got a Rh.ogam shot because of the hematoma, and the doctor told me to call the RE who prescribed my progeste.rone to see if he wants to do any tests. I'm hoping no, unless there's something else he wants to prescribe for me to make this baby stick.

Symptoms so far have been mild, but I've had a couple of bouts of monster heartburn in the past week, and most days for about the past week I've woken up with mild nausea until I eat.

Next appointment in a week.