Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One down

Only about 30 appointments to go...

There is a live baby in there. With a heartbeat. :)

Heartbeat: 126
Measuring: 6 weeks 4 Days
BP: 128/86 (not bad for before the u/s)

According to my LMP I should be 7 w 2 d, but because I'm sure I ovulated late, I think I'm only about 2 days behind where I would have expected to be (6 weeks 6 days).

The only bad news so far is that I do have a hematoma at the top of my uterus next to the gestational sac. I don't know how big. I didn't even ask. These things can resolve themselves, but I had one with one of my miscarriages so they make me very nervous. The doctor was cautiously optimistic, but he knows I've been around the block, so he didn't try to b.s. me. He just basically said that it can resolve on its own, and we'll hope for the best.

I got a Rh.ogam shot because of the hematoma, and the doctor told me to call the RE who prescribed my progeste.rone to see if he wants to do any tests. I'm hoping no, unless there's something else he wants to prescribe for me to make this baby stick.

Symptoms so far have been mild, but I've had a couple of bouts of monster heartburn in the past week, and most days for about the past week I've woken up with mild nausea until I eat.

Next appointment in a week.


Dawn said...

So glad you got to see a healthy LO! I had a hematoma w/my last loss so I understand the fear. But they are so common & us BLM always hate anything out of the ordinary. Glad you get to go back in a week. I go the 9th for our first.

CeCe said...

Hooray for beating heart! :) Hope all continues to go great. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.

Dan & Hillary said...

Heartbeats are miracles! Praying for you:-)

Nat said...

Oh! I am so excited for you!

Dawn is pregnant again.
You're pregnant again.
CeCe is trying again.

I'm not. It's kinda sad, but I had my run. I'll keep you in my prayers, and if you're okay with it, I'll follow along on your journey.

I've really missed this community. I stopped blogging, but didn't really leave. I still lurk.

Congratulations on your baby!

a.k.a. Em from The Lilly Pad