Monday, October 8, 2012

NST time

Well, now things are getting very real ladies.  And very close.  At my OB appointment last Thursday (32 weeks) my blood pressure was just a little elevated (128/84 I think) so I was a little nervous because of the differences in this pregnancy when compared to the other two kiddos.  There's still no protein in my urine, so that's good, but my feet have still been swelling on a constant basis.  I've also had more heartburn this time than the other times. 

The doctor decided that I should go for a non-stress-test every week from now until the baby is born.  I went for my first one this past Sunday, and my blood pressure was 135/84 when the nurse first tested.  "George" was very cooperative and had all the correct heart rate accelerations and decelerations, but then he wouldn't STOP moving so she could get a baseline reading.  That just meant that I got to hang out for a little longer sipping water and watching tv.  This might not be so bad after all.  The other good news is that I may get to meet most of the nurses on the L&D floor before I deliver which will be great.  After the NST, the nurse took my BP again, and it had reduced to 128/80.  Still not 110/70 like it has been running, but not as bad.  I will admit that this occurrence has caused me to think twice about what the next few weeks are really going to look like.  Hoping they won't involve bed rest or any blood pressure complications.  I can't believe that my due date is now less than 7 weeks away.  Wish me luck!


Wendy said...

hope you do not have to do bedrest time mama! :( Hang in there, can't believe you are sooo close. It's always nerve wrecking when you've come so far - praying that you pass the NST's with flying colours each time to come.

CeCe said...

wow, already 32 weeks?! that is awesome. hope the coming weeks go as comfortably and smoothly as possible. please keep us posted. so exciting!