Saturday, November 24, 2012

40 weeks

Happy due date to me.

And still pregnant.  Haha.

NST scheduled for tomorrow and my doctor is back from vacation on Tuesday.  I'm definitely envisioning another induction this week.  I've had two already so why not continue the tradition, right?

One good thing about not going early is that I've gotten tons done in the past couple of weeks, so I feel much more prepared now than I did a couple of weeks ago. (That basically means I've had time to clean my house, catch up on laundry, buy and wrap some final Christmas presents, etc.  It doesn't mean I'm any more prepared for the baby!  lol)

So that's where I am - just hanging out waiting to pop.  It's eviction day, baby.  Get with the program!

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you my friend! Can't wait for an update! Wishing you a safe and somewhat easy delivery.

Oh and for what it's worth, you never know...I was induced at 42 wks and almost 41 weeks and my last one decided to come on his own at 40 wks 2 days. Then again we walked for 45 min after lunch and an hour after dinner and I went into labor at 4am the next day! Try it if you can! :)