Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Summing up

It's been so long since I posted here last that it's kind of hard to even sum up what's going on. E is now almost 5 months old, and is a sweet and happy baby. She's been sleeping through the night For. Ev. Er. Bless her little heart. I really can't believe how lucky we are in that department. I feel like a normal person because I get to sleep a full night almost every night. (She's had a cold for a while so it's been a little harder, but still pretty good.)

D is enjoying pre-school, but there are still days when he resists going. (Once he's there and I'm gone, he's fine.) He's still in a very challenging place as far as his obstinacy goes. He's three after all... It is nice to know that his friends are going through it too, and I can compare notes with other moms who are in the same boat.

Unfortunately, our insurance is changing next year, and my therapist doesn't take our new insurance which totally sucks. However, I feel like she's given me a lot of good tools to use in the year that I've been seeing her. She also suggested a book called "How. to tal.k so kids will li.sten and lis.ten so kids will" Parts of it have been a little too touchy feely for me, but I'm hoping to use it not only to help my dealings with D, but also in my other relationships as well. The overall message is to treat all others, including cildren, with respect and regard for how they're feeling. We could all benefit from a little more respect in our lives.

There are a few other things going on, but this post is starting to go all over the place when I try to expand it so I'm going to stop here. Hopefully I'll post again before Christmas, but if not, I wish you a holiday filled with good friends, family and cheer, and all the very best for wonderful blessings in the new year.


Dawn said...

I'm so happy you're all doing well! Addy is a great sleeper too! She's had some belly issues & a bit of sleep regression last month, but we seem to be back on track. Great isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

I am very glad you all are doing so well!

We have been lucky that ours have both been sleeping through the night since 3 months...they are now almost 22 months and 6 1/2 months.

Doesn't time fly? How did the weaning go?


Azaera said...

So happy to hear everything is going well. :)