Thursday, May 3, 2012

The tired

I had forgotten about the tired.  Or maybe the all-day-sickness was so all-consuming before that I maybe didn't have the chance to feel tired.  This time, I'm feeling nauseous every day for parts of the day, but I'm unfortunately NOT losing weight as I have with both of my other term pregnancies.  I am, however, feeling tired ALL THE TIME.  (Maybe the fact that I can hardly move because of the exhaustion is contributing to my weight gain.  Haha.)  I've only gained between two and three pounds, but with each other pregnancy I've lost about 5 in the first trimester because of the nausea.  I did start out lower this time though, so I guess that's good. 

But seriously? Ohhhhhhh the tired.  I've been taking naps.  NAPS people.  I don't take naps.  I can't fall asleep in the middle of day.  Except that now, I can.  Naps.  Thankfully E takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, and D is more than happy to watch a movie so I can take a nap.  Can't wait for that energy burst...

I'm still taking progeste.rone, so maybe that accounts for some of the tiredness.  I'm planning to stop taking that on Saturday when I'll be 11 weeks.  The R.E. who I saw told me to take it for three more weeks, which was until yesterday, but I'm going to keep going until the weekend just because it will make me feel better.  

I broke out the Doppler last week when I was 9 weeks 5 days (my latest miscarriage) and it took me a long time to find the heartbeat, but it was there.  I checked again this week, I think on Monday when I was 10w 2d.  Took a long time again, but I found it.  I freaking love that thing.  Best money spent, ever.  Hands down.

Now a bit of randomness.  Have any of you ever had one breast that was sore, but not the other?  Before I was even pregnant, I noticed that my left side was more tender/ sensitive than the right.  I've done several self exams and haven't felt anything unusual, but I'm thinking I'm going to run it by my OB.  It kind of freaks me out.

I have the nu.chal scan coming up in a couple weeks, and truthfully I'm pretty nervous about it.  On my second set of bloodwork with E, one of my results came back high and I ended up getting a Level II u/s and an amnio.  The fact that I'm older now, and officially "advanced maternal age" doesn't help those nerves.

I'm definitely more relaxed about this pregnancy than my pregnancy with E.  I don't obsess about every twinge I feel and I don't think about miscarriage all the time.  I guess that's an improvement, and once I'm not so tired maybe I'll have a little time to enjoy it. 


Stacie said...

Sorry you're feeling so tired and nauseous. At least it's for a good reason! Glad that everything is progressing as it should. So exciting!

Anonymous said...

I am glad things are going well overall, but I am sorry for the nausea. It is a great sign on one hand, but I know personally not fun to go through! Is it manageable or can you try Zofran or Phenergan?

Praying for a uneventful nuchal scan! Email me when you can, sorry I haven't emailed, little R is almost 3 wks and I am still getting on a schedule with all 3!


Carolyne said...

Oh my gosh. See what happens when the laptopn croaks? I miss news such as this.
Fantastic to hear you are pregnant. As for Advanced Maternal age? what tosh.
Sending energy vibes your way.

CeCe said...

hope your energy returns soon!

amazing that you, Dawn & me are a couple weeks apart again- but a different order.

sending happy thoughts for you next appt!