Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's next

I've said before that I'm really much more relaxed about this pregnancy than my pregnancy with E.  I stopped my pro.gesterone on Saturday, when I was around 11 weeks, even though I would have felt better about continuing until 12 weeks.  (The R.E. said that I could stop then, plus, I hate that stuff.  UGH.  And I would like to stop feeling like my crotch is on fire from the constant yeast infection.  There's that too.)  So I stopped.

Yesterday, I had a small amount of brown discharge on my pantyliner, and just a hair of red.  I didn't freak out.  Instead, I thought, "oh good.  This might actually be some of the hematoma being flushed out now that it's not being held by the progeste.rone."  The timing was appropriate.  I called the R.E. and they concurred that it was not something to worry about.  They thought it might be vaginal lining that was flushed after the pro.gesterone left my system.  They said I don't need to start the pro.gesterone back up. 

My trusty doppler tells me that there's still a heartbeat, so I guess that makes it easier to not worry too much about the discharge.

I have my nu.chal scan next week, and I'm very nervous.  This pregnancy feels a little too easy somehow, and I'm worried that something could still go wrong.   It seems kind of crazy though, that after the scan, I'll be moving into the second trimester...  Please send lots of positive thoughts and vibes for a healthy baby at my appointment!!


CeCe said...

Sending lots & lots of happy thoughts your way! It will be nice when you will be able to have more peace of mind soon.

Stacie said...

I'm loving your pregnancy updates. So happy that everything is going good for you.