Thursday, June 14, 2012

Results are in

Preliminary amnio results are in (meaning the most common issues) and everything looks good so far.  We'll find out the final results in about 10 days. 

Relief.  Sweet relief. 

The anatomy that they could see on the level 2 u/s also looks normal but we have to go back in 3 weeks because it's not developed enough yet to get the full picture.

I don't think I really talked about the actual amnio the last time I had one with E, but it was horrible.  Truly horrible.  (That's probably why I didn't talk about it.)  I remember the doctor said something like, "you may feel a little cramping."  A little?  It felt like what I would imagine being punched in the gut feels like.  The needle hit my uterus and my uterus immediately clenched up like a fist.  NO FUN. I was so shocked that I gasped/grunted, loudly.  (I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so that was kind of unusual for me.)

That being said, I was dreading this one.  I was worried it would be the same feeling, and I figured that at least I knew what to expect this time, but I still wasn't excited about it.  Happy to report that this time, it felt NOTHING like the last time.  There was a pinch, and a little tug as my uterus responded, and then a crampy feeling each time the doctor extracted fluid (3 vials) but it was SO much better than the last time, thank god. 

Heart rate was 143, and it was wiggling around like crazy.  Good times.

17 Weeks on Saturday.  Getting ready to tell some people.  Wish me luck...

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Stacie said...

Awesome to hear that your amnio went well and everything looks good :)