Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lies... They're all lies.

When people tell you that "it's your third, it will come more quickly."  "You'll be early."  "My first two were late, but the third one was two weeks early." 

Don't believe them.  They're liars.  (I've been convinced all along that I wouldn't be early, but I was hoping the liars were right.)

40 plus 4

And no induction for me this week because his head is still too high.

NST on Saturday.  Doctor's office on Monday.  Induction Tuesday at 40 plus NINE.  (just a reminder that D was induced at 40+1 and E was induced at 40+5.)

On the bright side,

1. My placenta is still young and healthy and I have "plenty" of amniotic fluid.

2. I'm still getting stuff done on my "before the baby is born" to-do list.

3. Maybe I'll go into labor on my own.


Anonymous said...

I am still crossing my fingers you go into labor on your own like I did with my third! (just so I am not a liar lol!) ;)


Dawn said...

Awe I'm sorry. Praying your little one decides to show up on his own!

CeCe said...

time to come out and play, baby boy! i'm sure it's warm and cozy in there but you did receive your eviction notice.

will be sending big happy thoughts in the coming days!!