Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gray hair

So there are two things of note to talk about:

1. Earth Day. I know it was yesterday, but I had to mention it because I love earth day. I'm a recycling fanatic, a cloth bag user, a gardener, a composter, a buyer-in-bulk, and a tree hugger (among many other crunchy things).

2. I found my first few gray hairs yesterday. I know it's kind of silly and all, but it kinda freaked me out. In one instant, I went from being the 32 year old cool young mommy who could still get away with going out to a club in Boston if I really wanted to, to being a middle-aged chick who should stick with her 11 pm bedtime. Oh dear. :)


Stacie said...

I have become a recycling fool during the past year and a half.

I hear that having kids causes gray hair? I'm sure I will join you some time in the near future!

Did you pull them out?

Karen said...

When I found my first gray hairs I called my mom to tell me that she had to stop trying to boss me around now. Not that it worked, but it was worth a shot.

Amy said...

I completely understand! I seem to have aquired a lot more gray hair since being pregnant with Maddie. Not only that, but my hip, young neighborhood has stayed a cool spot for the young twenty-something crowd and we've realized we're more comfortable with the five o'clock crowd at places than with the eleven o'clock crew! We're so old! ;-)

Christa said...

I'm 32 and I've been finding gray hairs for a few years now...and have no kids...oh dear what's it going to be like when I have kids...hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Hey-I'm 28 and I get some greys. Redheads go grey early. :(