Friday, April 10, 2009

"IRL" troubles

Last week, someone that I know in real life (IRL) sent me an invitation to a private blog that she just began. I don't want to sign into it with this identity because I don't want to have to make my personal information private. I also don't want her or the other people who will be reading her blog (who know me) to have access to my blog.

I guess I'm going to have to create a new Google identity, but I'm kind of annoyed because I don't want to have to go back and forth between the two to check her blog.

Oy. Any ideas?


Wifezzilla said...

I think you can make this blog private, so people have to know the web address to see it in your profile. If I find out, I;ll let you know. I know a few people who have public AND private blogs in their profile, and you can only see the public ones when you click on their names.

test out your settings. you can always let me know if you need someone to check before joining her blog.

Carolyne said...

You can limit the access by going to edit posts then on to Permissions. You can choose who you want to have access, everyone, those who have an account already or people in specific. I hope this helps you.

I know what you mean about others reading your blog. I have told husband about mine and that's it. I never intend on sharing this with family or friends. It's my way of venting all my issues and not have to feel the need to justify it to those around me in real life.

Anonymous said...

Eek, yeah, I'd say you'd have to open a new account for that.
But then maybe you could do your "family blog" on that account that you've been wanting to do.

Anonymous said...

I'd say you will probably have to create a new identity unless you want to make this blog private.

I'm thinking I may want to create a new blog of baby pictures for family members, so I'll be in the same boat since I don't want them reading my current blog.

Amy said...

I created a new google account just for things like that. I don't want this ID out there for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a peaceful weekend.