Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It doesn't feel the same. Either my mind is playing tricks on me, or this just doesn't feel the same. I can't remember how I'm supposed to feel, but I want some sore boobs and a nice headache and a little nausea. Please. And I'd like a side of pickle craving, too.

I'm nervous.


sushilover said...

As you know every pregnancy is different. I had no cravings or morning sickness until like 2 months. And I have twins! You just never know...give it time. I know easier said than done.

Anonymous said...

of course you feel nervous!

I didn't feel sick or crampy in the first few weeks...not till about week, you never know =)

Anonymous said...

I didn't feel much at first (and never got really sick). But I am cyber wishing every pregnancy symptom in the book for you so that you will feel better.

((hugs)) I know it's tough right now.