Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bitch, bitch, bitch

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is BITCH on my blog. I'm actually a pretty happy person most of the time. (Really.) I guess I use this space to bitch about stuff that I can't (or won't) share with people in real life.

So my husband and I have an appointment on Tuesday with a fertility specialist. I think we're going over our histories (nothing exciting for either of us really) and getting some preliminary blood work. I called my insurance company to ask what would be covered by insurance, and I seriously got the third degree.

Insurance woman: (confirms address, phone, etc.) Dr. J---- still your primary care?

Me: No, I changed to Dr. A---.

Insurance Woman: *exasperated* We can't change that until the first of the month.

Me: Okay.

Insurance Woman: *annoyed* WHY did you change doctors?

Me: Ummm... (Now getting annoyed, because what the hell business is it of hers?) Because I moved.

Insurance Woman: Oh. Is the doctor in our network?

Me: Not sure.

Insurance Woman: *audible sigh* I have to check. Hold please.

Me: (waiting and now getting agitated and upset at how short she's being with me)

Insurance Woman: Okay, change to the new primary care is effective as of the 15th.

Me: (Thinking, "you just said it had to wait until the first of the month, but whatever.")

Insurance woman: Now what do you need?

Me: I'm just trying to find out if my appointment with Dr. N------ (fertility doctor) is covered by insurance.

Insurance woman: *Starting to scold me for some other heinous insurance crime that I've committed*

Me: *on the verge of tears and starting to raise my voice* I'm sorry, can you PLEASE just be a little patient with me. (*start verbal diarrhea*) I JUST had a miscarriage last week, and I had another one in September, so I really just need you to be patient with me and I need your HELP to find out if my insurance covers the appointment with the fertility doctor.

Insurance Woman: *MUCH nicer* Yes, sure. *MUCH slower and calmer, and a WHOLE new tone to her voice* Okay, blah blah blah (goes through the initial info). Would you like me to go through the additional fertility coverage?

OH. MY. GOD. Why the hell did I have to raise my voice with her to get her to just be HUMAN to me?


sushilover said...

this reminds me of the call I made to my ob's message service after my second miscarriage. He didn't have any patience until I said I was miscarrying...and he just kept on repeating "NOW???...RIGHT NOW???" I finally said...yes all week long buddy now can you take the message! Sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do. On the positive side that is great news that your fertility specialist is covered. That doesn't happen often.

Anonymous said...

Bitching on your blog is not only allowed, but encouraged. Seriously. I have done my fair share.

Secondly, insurance companies...UGH!!! I swear the people who work for them are so MEAN. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

I went through a huge ordeal last year with a pre-charge for a delivery fee (for a baby that died) that took months to resolve. This time around I just now got them to cover my progesterone supppositories, months after I stopped using them.

Wifezzilla said...

Unbelieveable. She could have also assumed you were having a rough time when she heard you mention needing to see a fertility specialist. You'd also think that since people need to get info on certain treatments they may have coverage on, that would also indicate they'd need some patience. Moron. I am glad you raised your voice, and agree you shouldn't have had to.