Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

Anyone know that cheesey song? Well... here's what I'm doing. Ummm... writing in my blog, hanging out at home, NOT paying for a babysitter. Oh, and it snowed again today so I didn't feel like digging out anyway.

D, T, and I are all feeling better from our plague (thank god) but we're not going to be able to celebrate Christmas with T's family tomorrow as we were supposed to because we're still contagious. That's just in case anyone was wondering. :)

It's hard to believe it's New Year's Eve. I thought for sure (twice) that I'd be unable to drink tonight because of a growing belly, but really as it turns out, the only reason I'm not drinking is because I'm still recovering from the rotav.irus. Oh, the irony.

My mom's family has a New Year's Eve tradition that I've decided to carry on as of this year. The tradition is to light a bayberry "wish candle" on New Year's eve. You make a wish as you light the candle, and if the candle burns all the way to the bottom before going out, you get your wish. This Website explains a little about the tradition. On another website, I found the words: "Light a candle for those who have passed on to spirit. Light a candle for your new potential in the coming year."

Isn't that a wonderful, hopeful thought? A candle for those who have passed on to spirit, and a candle for new potential in the coming year.

Yes. I'll light a candle to that.


Amy said...

That's a beautiful thing to light a candle for. I have a hard time celebrating a life that has ended and life yet to come at the same time, and I think that's incredibly important to survival...acknowledging what was, looking forward to what will be. I need to work on that. Maybe I'll light a candle, too.

Anonymous said...

That does sound nice.

We did nothing on New Year's Eve and I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the crack whore ya!

LibbieLou said...

Roto.virus is NOT fun. Lo had croup this year (my daughter) on Thanksgiving, and I got staff foliculitus from the hot tub on New Years! Yikes!!