Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's going on

Quite simply, a post about what's going on.

First, I want to thank Christa for the beautiful angel wings. We haven't set up our tree yet, but they will have a prominent place when we do.

On the baby front, I really have nothing interesting to report. I have continued to be nauseous on a daily basis, for most of the day. While that totally sucks, it keeps my hope alive that this baby might really make it. My boobs are still super tender and heavy, and I'm tired all the time. I'm also craving salt (when I can stand to eat anything). Those seem to be "my" symptoms.

I have another appointment for an ultrasound next week, and although I haven't had any anxiety type of attacks recently (with the raised heart rate, etc.), I'm still having a hard time convincing myself that everything will be fine at that appointment. I'm finding it hard to imagine that I might make it past 9 weeks, 5 days this time. (Unfortunately, my u/s is at 9w4d, and then my next one will be my 12 week nuchal fold scan.) Do we tell our parents after next week's u/s? Do we wait until Christmas? (I will be 11 weeks on Christmas Day). By then, it will be a couple of weeks since the u/s and something could have happened to the baby in the interim. Right now, it doesn't feel like there will ever be a time when we'll tell our news to people in the same carefree way that we did after we made it through the first trimester with D.


Anonymous said...

Christa sent me some wings too. Love them!!!!!!

Stacie said...

I am SO happy to read that nothing is going on! Woo hoo!!! Awesome non-news.

Em said...

I also got some wings! I'm glad you have no news! I'm feeling the same way, so I bought a doppler today. Hopefully that will give me some peace of mind.

Karen said...

You'll tell people when you're ready. And if you're never ready they'll figure it out when you show up with a baby. But don't worry about when it will be the right time. You'll find a way.

Carolyne said...

Deciding when to tell family is hard. You do it when you feel ready to. Hoorah for Nausea!

Dawn said...

I am struggling with sharing the news as well. At some points I want to tell the world and then the next second I don't want anyone to know. We have decided to tell my family at Christmas being as I have my 1st midwife appt on the 23rd and should have an update, but after that I'm not sure when we'll share it with the general populations. Although I've made it the furthest I ever have, I still struggle with believing that this baby is going to make it. In all honesty the further along I get the more worried because I'm more and more hopeful and in love.

CeCe said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I too am expecting a July baby after previous pregnancy loss.

If the wait between appointments feels too long do what you need to do to get in there.

Wishing you all the best in your journey.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy things are going well. I have not experienced any previous losses, but I waited til 12 weeks or later anyway....whenever you feel ready I think will be the "right" time.