Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can hardly believe it

I keep waiting for the end of the road. Every day that goes by makes me think I might be one day closer to doom, but it just doesn't seem to come.

I'm 11w5d today. That's almost 12 weeks pregnant, and it's 2 full weeks further than I made it with Grey. I'm not going to make any sweeping statements like "I'm almost there" or anything, but I just can't believe I've made it this far.

I had an u/s yesterday, and I was so relieved that it was scheduled, because I woke up with some brown discharge on my pantyliner. Sorry to be graphic, but I think it may be dried blood from my very, very sore yeast infection rather than anything going on inside (since there was nothing there when I wiped.) After I discovered the discharge, I felt some sharp-ish pains in my very lower abdomen, which had me a little freaked out, but I had heard the little person on the doppler the night before so I knew that it was probably still kicking.

The u/s was fine. Heartbeat was 161, and she found no signs of any bleeding inside that should have caused the discharge. She also said that my cervix is long and closed, which is a relief since I'm a little worried about the possibility of incompetent cervix due to my 3 D&Es. The baby was waving its arms around which was really cool. (It's amazing how little I remember of my ultrasounds with D, but after all, it was almost 3 years ago, and there were FAR fewer ultrasounds with him!)

My symptoms are still kicking, but I feel like my all-day-sickness is getting a little better. It's still there, but eating usually helps now (it didn't always at the beginning). I'm still down about 6 or 8 pounds from where I started because of the nausea, but I have no doubt that I'll make up for that later in the pregnancy. My nipples are still sore, but not as bad, and I've had a couple of days when they were itchy and a little tingly, which I remember from my pregnancy with D, and also from post-partum with him when I was trying to breas.tfeed. I'm still super tired, and looking forward to (hopefully) making it to the fun part of pregnancy when I have energy and appetite again.


Dawn said...

I am in total agreement with you!!! Friday I will be 13 weeks and I still just can't believe it!!! I am so happy you and your little one are doing well!!! God Bless and Happy New Year!

Stacie said...

I have been thinking about you and wondering how you've been doing.

I am ecstatic to hear that all is all.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!

Christa said...

I'm so glad things are going well. You deserve this pregnancy! I wish you all the best in 2010!

Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad all is well!

I am almost 18 weeks with baby #2 and the m/s just ended a week ago!


cheryllookingforward said...

Congrats on a great ultrasound and I'm happy to know your cervix is doing well (how often do you get to complement someone's cervix?!)

Karen said...

LOL at Cheryl!

I'm so happy to hear you looking forward to the next stage in this pregnancy. I know how scary this has been for you, but it's really sounding as if this baby is here to stay. You'll be showing soon, won't you!

Anonymous said...

Get some rest!

Yay BABY!!!!!

CeCe said...

Congratulations! So happy for you! :)

Emi from "The Lily Pad" directed me to your blog.. I am 13 weeks pregnant (following a second trimester loss).. I understand the anxiety and am glad things are going well for you!

Azaera said...

So happy you've made it so far! I had those sharp stabby pains with Skyler too, of course I was totally paranoid and freaked out about it, but he turned out alright. Ultrasounds totally freak me out, I couldn't tell which end was which when they showed me Skyler.