Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Appointment update

I had an appointment today at the OB's office, and everything is still looking good. Here's the 411 in bullet form:

28 weeks 5 days

Position: Still breech, but lots of time left to turn. (*Crossing fingers*)

Weight: A little over 2.5 pounds (estimated to be about 7.5 lbs by birth)

My weight: I gained a little "extra" weight on my vacation with T, but I'm back down to a net gain of about 10 pounds from my starting weight. (That's a gain of about 15 or 16 pounds from my "morning sickness low.")

Blood pressure: Around 116/75 {the first reading was around 128/80, which is higher than it's been for the whole pregnancy so I was a little nervous because of my history of PIH (Pregnancy induced hypertension) but when the NP took it about 5 minutes later, it was back to my "normal."}

Cervix: Long (5 cm) and closed

1 Hour Glucose: Normal (Yay! No 3 hour test, and no gestational diabetes!)

The one stinky thing about the baby being breech is that its head has already started to dig into my ribs when I sit down, so it's going to be a long 11 1/2 more weeks if it doesn't do a flip for me!


Stacie said...

Everything sounds perfect! So glad to hear that your appointment went well.

Do you still not know the gender?

Is there anything you can do to encourage the baby to flip?

Karen said...

That's so exciting. And yeah, that baby has a ton of time to flip. I loved reading about the baby's development when I was about that stage of pregnancy. Every day means a bit of growth and a greater likelihood of good health. It's so much more comforting to read than the early stages before viability.

Dawn said...

Sounds like everything is going awesome!! My little nugget is also still breech and I'm feeling the rib/head butts. Here's to hoping our little ones turn soon!!!

cheryllookingforward said...

I'm so happy everything is going well!

I have a butt in my ribs! I don't feel bad pushing it out of the way, though. I would probably feel bad about pushing the head around! I hope your little one turns soon!

Dan & Hillary said...

Yeah for uneventful appointments!! Your $5 looks cute:-) I love bargins, too.

Em said...

That's great news! Mingo was breech but flipped a while ago. It was a wierd feeling--kind of like a nauseous-ticklish feeling. But, now when he gets the hiccups I can feel it in my pelvis. That doesn't feel so great, either!

CeCe said...

So happy everything is looking great for you and the babe!!! :)

Wendy said...

yay for totally normal updates! :) Wow 28 almost 29 weeks!!

Anonymous said...

Glad the doc visit went well!

I read first babies are headdown sooner and second, third babies, etc. are not headdown until right before labor starts.

That was the exact case with my son...he was headdown at 35-36 weeks and I am 35 weeks today and our daughter was not headdown yet. Sigh! I am planning a VBAC so I am hoping she is at next week's appt!