Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am not complaining

Really. I'm not complaining. I'm thrilled to be pregnant. SO thrilled.


I feel gigantic, and not in a "cute pregnant girl" way but in a "wow, she looks like she's packed on the pounds" kind of way (I've gained about 15 pounds). I still don't look for sure pregnant. No stranger has yet come up to me to ask when I'm due. Even a couple of my neighbors have seen me (obviously MUCH rounder than a few months ago) and have not asked about it. My non-pregnant shirts are too short, and most of my maternity shirts are still huge on me. The ones that are smaller accentuate the lovely back fat rather than the belly. My body doesn't do "middle of pregnancy" particularly well. Hopefully in a few weeks, I'll feel different.

Now for the good news.

I'll be 28 weeks in like 11 1/2 hours. HOLY CRAP. That marks the date that I've been waiting for, when this kid has a 96% chance of survival outside of the womb.

Oh, and by the way, I'm sorry about not posting for so long. T and I went on a much needed parental getaway down in Virginia, and just got back a couple of days ago. We had some very exciting times with AAA when the car we were borrowing died at just about the 1 mile mark of a two mile long bridge in North Carolina. I will say that the people there are just about the friendliest people in the WHOLE WORLD. Someone stopped and offered to push our car off the bridge with his car. Are you picturing this?? Pregnant woman behind the wheel of a car going 50 miles an hour with no power steering, looking like it is attached to the minivan behind it, in a state that I've never visited before. He got us off the bridge (thank god) and I used the momentum to get the car off the road to a safe spot. AAA took it from there. But seriously, this guy was AMAZING. I will be forever grateful to him. We were in a very dangerous spot, with almost no breakdown lane, and he truly may have saved our lives.

If you remember this story from November, you'll understand why it, and my fortune cookie, popped into my brain after this good samaritan helped us out...


Carolyne said...

I'm so glad to read your post.. I admit I was getting a little concerned!
Hoorah for turning 28 weeks in 11 hrs! How go you feel overall?
The only people to talk about my 'bump' are those that know. My hairdresser today said nothing til husband mentioned it and he thinks it's just too obvious to miss!

One request from me: Any chance of a belly pic for us bloggers to tell of your bump?

Stacie said...

Wow, 28 weeks!!!! It's going by so quickly (for us), hehe.

How scary to be stuck on a bridge like that, in a dead car, in an unfamiliar place. How nice of that stranger to push you all the way off the bridge. Wheew!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the good Samaritan helped you out!

Congrats on 28 wks :) I have gained 16-17 lbs and will be 34 weeks tomorrow. That said, I am on the smaller side and my son was 8 lbs 5 oz (2 weeks overdue but still!) our daughter is measuring right on track but I feel so much bigger this time around!


Dawn said...

Happy almost 3rd trimester!!! 28 weeks is a pretty fantastic milestone.

Good thing you did break down on a bridge here in NY. They woulda just pushed you into the water to get out of their! Glad you're safe.

Em said...

Hooray for 28 weeks and fortune cookies!

Since I am measuring 32 weeks, and your maternity clothes are still big, how about I give you some of my bigness?! aint pretty! ;)

Azaera said...

I missed ya! 28 weeks is awesome! Just hang in there, I'm sure you'll be showing for "real" in no time.