Thursday, October 16, 2008

The toddler chronicles

So far I've tried to not write about my toddler because I know that it might be hard for other moms who've had losses. So that's my warning... this story is about my toddler. The reason I decided to write about him is because he (and the funny/sweet things that he does) have been part of what is helping me through the grief of my miscarriage.

So here's the story.

We've baby-proofed our downstairs really well. We've moved all the little baby-height knick knacks out of his reach and have put locks on all the drawers and cabinets.

Except for two.

These two cabinets are the lazy susan cabinets in the corners. One lazy susan is where I keep my herbs and spices. (Those cabinets need special locks that we haven't gotten yet.) Can you guess what D's new favorite game is? It's the "spice run."

He waits until I'm distracted - doing dishes, cooking... whatever - and then he goes straight for the spice cabinet. He usually grabs the cinnamon in one hand and the nutmeg in the other and sprints (well, sprints as much as a waddling 15 month old can) into the living room with me chasing along behind him saying, "D, can I please have the cinnamon back?" Of course, he thinks this is the best game ever so he continues running away shaking the cinnamon like a rattle and laughing while his pants (which are a little too big for his teeny little bum) fall down to just above his knees.

As much as I know this is going to get really old, really soon, I had to take a video of it yesterday because I was laughing hysterically at this pint-sized getaway.

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Awwww! The image is too cute!