Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lasik and Baby Limbo

Here's my random musing of the day: I want Lasik surgery. I got my first pair of glasses when I was four. FOUR, people. I got contacts when I was 12 or 13, so many of the people in my adult life probably don't even know that I wear glasses, but I'm TIRED of it. I'm tired of the cost - (contacts plus solution = megabucks), I'm tired of the hassle - wearing glasses when I'm sick, having to take the contacts out and put them in, plus clean them, and I'm tired of not being able to SEE well. I have maaaaajor astigmatisms in both eyes and even when my prescription is good, it's never perfect.

After D was born, my plan was to get Lasik in a year or so, but then we decided I should wait until the following fiscal year when we could set aside money for the year from T's salary in an FSA (Flexible spending account) and use it to pay for the Lasik tax free. (FSA can only be used for certain medical expenses, and you have to plan ahead, but it's a great benefit if you use it well.) Now we have money set aside, which will either be for Lasik or for some work that T needs to have done on his teeth (he needs a bridge and stuff, so more expensive things.)

So just get Lasik, right? Aside from the expense (which is pretty sizable), Lasik is yet ANOTHER thing that has to be put on hold because of baby limbo. Yes, that's right ladies. In case you didn't know, you shouldn't have Lasik surgery within six months of when you plan to be pregnant (plan... Haha), while you're pregnant, or until two months after you either deliver or cease breastfeeding. So if you're like us, (i.e. NOT able to decide when to be pregnant, and trying to stay pregnant over a period of months) then you could be waiting to get Lasik for years... ('Course, the other option is to get the surgery and then wait SIX AGONIZING, GRUELING MONTHS until you can attempt to get pregnant again.) And that's not happening.

So c'mon ladies... do the baby limbo with me!


Carolyne said...

Everybody Limbo!

I can't believe the time scales you'd have to wait either before or after. Now, I'm a Brit (They say the first step to recovery is admission) and I don't know much about Lasik. Am I right in assuming it's basic laser surgery to cure/aid eye problems?
I say book the surgery. It's sods law that when you do you'll get some good news then you can call the eye folks and tell them you've more important fish to fry!!

Oh, can you lower the bar a bit for me please, I'm still waiting for my blood results. xxx

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I've lived over 6 years in limbo. Not planning vacations because what if I'm pregnant, etc.

PS my boss just got lasik on Monday and loves it. Perfect vision already. Cost $4600 (I saw the receipt).

gallerygirl said...

I know exactly what you mean as well! I have been putting it off until I have babies.... My insurance would even cover half of it- but waiting for baby!

Anonymous said...

Ack! I know, stuff like that can drive you nuts. Having to TTC for so long is exactly why I still have my wisdom teeth.

gallerygirl said...

Regarding my friend, I don't think that because she has a child that it would hurt any less. I am sure it may bring a little comfort to her, but does not make the loss any less sad. I think she is just in such shock... thanks for reading.