Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I don't know how to pee on a stick.

Okay, so that's not entirely true, but it's a catchy title, isn't it?

Today I scheduled my HSG and asked a few questions about trying again. I asked about when I would need to start my progesterone. Apparently the gel that they prescribed sometimes has "coffee ground type discharge." Isn't this baby making stuff sexy? "C'mon baby, let't get it on. You want a cup of coffee first?" *wink, wink*

Anyway, I digress. She told me I need to start using OPK's so that I can start the Progesterone 3 days after I ovulate. I've never used them so I thought maybe you ladies could give some advice. Any preferences on which ones are the most accurate or easiest to use? I know some people have a hard time reading them. Any advice on what to look for to know if I'm really ovulating? Do I take them in the morning or at night? I know they have directions, but I'm sure that people have pointers. Lil' help here, ladies?


Never Clever said...

I tried OPK's the first time I tried getting pregnant. I got a line - they are very similar to pregnancy tests. Even though I had a line on it, I did not actually ovulate. I know this because I get the egg white cervical mucous. There are different stages of it. Not everyone gets it. I did not have it that time I got the positive ovulation result from the OPK.

If you want to order them fairly cheap, I got mine at:

Carolyne said...

To be honest I only used the First Response ones. Only because apart from the immensely expensive Clear Blue Fertility Monitor they were the only OPK's available in the town I live (really, It's that small!). I do like the F/R though. They're clear and easy to use and I used them in the afternoons. Do you have a large variety available where you live? If so maybe purchase 2 or 3 different brands to 'test the waters' so to speak.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm well versed in this area. You must get the specific OPK's bc basic store ones actually CHART OVULATION TOO LATE. I use "OvuQuick Ovulation Predictor" It comes w/ 9 tests for around $50 (yup, nothing is cheap).

So start day 11. Pee in cup b/n 10-12 am and then fill test w/ dropper full and wait. Two lines appear. It will show you on box what they mean.

Do this every morning til you get positive OPK and then do baby dance that day and next day.

On day you get positive OPK it means you will ovulation within 24 hours.

Email me w/ any more questions.

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to ask. How did the HSG go? I always get REAL crampy with those. Not fun. BUT, supposedly makes you have better changes to conceive in the next few months bc it 'clears out the cobwebs'. I got pregnant after both of mine....unfortunately miscarriages....but hoping you get your baby SOON!

Amy said...

I ordered my OPKs online from My ovulation was all over the place, so I could end up peeing on sticks for 10-12 days before getting a positive. I usually started on day 11. I think the first month it's hard to really judge, because you're still getting used to what it looks like as it changes. Keep them for reference to see if they're getting darker (I know - gross right? Keep all your pee sticks!). I also charted my temp so that I could see the LH surge correspond with the temp. I never had fertile cm.

I always peed in a cup, then dipped in the stick. I tested at 5pm every day. This FAQ helped me:

Azaera said...

I've never used one.. and I'm probably the worst person to ask about peeing on sticks because I always end up peeing on my hand. Good luck though. and the coffee ground thing sounds pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

FYI, on Progesterone, I have used both Prochieve and Endometrin. I prefer the Endometrin. The Prochieve gave a cottage cheese like discharge, yuck!

I used OPKS from this site: Very cheap and I would pee on one about 10 am and then as the lines started to get close to positive, I'd pee on another in the evening so I didn't miss my surge. The great thing about these tests is they are so cheap you can just keep peeing on them. I also charted my BBT to confirm when I ovulated.

Wifezzilla said...

I've been using them for a few months now. I just bought a bunch of the internet sticks from ebay or and spent some time learing how to read the results. you'll always see a line, but you'll know it's a positive result when the test line is darker than the control line. if you see that happen, you should expect the LH surge to take place within 12-24 hours. the only problem is that these sticks only offer a snapshot, so the surge could be on its way up or down. when i know i am ovulating, i use one in the AM and then one at night.

you have to wait at least 4 hours to use a stick to have the best readable urine, you don't need to use first-thing-in-the-morning pee.

now, i know that lots of poeple say that the clearblue easy monitor is easy because it doesn't require analysis. but i am too cheap. they are $200+ brand new, not to mention the cost of the sticks.

there are also digital stick tests you can buy which give you a smiley face i think.

good luck! i've had good luck with understanding the cheap stick tests, but i haven't had an opportunity to really get down and dirty with the H for months. (guess what, he has a CONCUSSION this month from an accident at work).

happy peeing!

gallerygirl said...

I just started using the strips from I am going to probably buy a pack of digitals to confirm with if I get a close match... GL!