Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank you

Thanks to all those who gave advice about the Ovulation kits. I checked out all of the websites you recommended, and I'll keep them in case I need them next month (hope not.) In the end I decided to buy some at a store because I need them by Friday and I was a little worried that they might not arrive in time.

I got Clearb.lue Easy tests mostly because they happened to be the only "name brand" Ovulation tests that they had at Wallyworld. The kit came with a digital pregnancy test (bonus!) Of course, now that I'm in the "recurrent" category I'll be going in for a blood test to find out if I'm preggo, but I'm sure I won't be able to resist peeing on a stick anyway. I know it's totally crazy, but I'm almost looking forward to the OPKs because I'll be able to repeatedly pee on a stick for a purpose. (I'm generally a really conservative pee-er because I'm cheap and I don't want to waste the HPTs!!)

Starting the OPKs on Friday, but hopefully I'll have something more exciting to talk about before then!


Anonymous said...

Hubby and I also do the 'every other day' baby dance during ovulation week.

PS Thanks for the laugh-image of him trying to lick the nyquil drops...too funny!

Anonymous said...

You caught that in the picture, huh? You are SO observant!