Thursday, February 5, 2009

Names in the sand

An amazing website... I'm speechless, actually. To Write Their Names in the Sand is a website where you can go and request your babies names to be written and photographed on a beautiful beach at sunset. To me, the symbolism of the names being there for just a brief moment and then being washed away is really deep and meaningful. I'm so touched by what these amazing people are doing. The most amazing thing is that they're doing this for no charge. In this world where everyone is in it to get SOMETHING, these people are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts to help people.

So to honor my lost babies...

Grey and Cary

Grey and Cary
EDD: 3/26/2009 and 7/20/2009
Left us too soon in August and December 2008

We will always love you and miss you, and we can't wait to meet you in heaven. Please take care of each other until we get there.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and D


Anonymous said...

(((Hugs))) for Grey and Cary. :(

Azaera said...

That's beautiful. *hugs*

Cara said...

A beatiful site with gorgeous tributes.

Amy said...

I love that site...they are doing a powerful work.

Ter said...

Hi I came here via YaYa's post in which your blog is mentioned.

I'm very sorry for your losses. I am a bereaved mommy myself. I love the sandwritten blog. I got one done myself. I will have to post it one day, even if it means revealing my daughter's name for all to see. :)

My blogs, if you're interested, can be found at:
(my regular blog)
(cancer blog)

baby names list said...
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Wifezzilla said...

I am so sorry again for your losses. It is such a nice tribute.

Anonymous said...