Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeling positive

For the first time in a long time, I'm feeling a little more grounded and like I'm where I belong.

I've spent the last several business days (Thursday, Friday, Monday and today) Googling different doctors and hospitals. After my last appointment with Dr. G I realized that I need to suck it up and find a doctor closer to me. The stress of driving through lots of traffic...not being sure if I'll make it to the appointment on time...not being sure exactly where I'm going sometimes... That needs to end.

I like the idea of delivering again at the bigfamoushospitalinthebigcity, but in the end, I'm not high risk (as far as I know) and tons of people deliver babies outside of the city. EVERY. DAY. I can too.

So I found a PCP with lots of good reviews who's very close to my house. She also happens to have a specialty in dermatology, so I can have her look at the little pink bump on my arm that probably isn't skin cancer (because the last doctor said don't worry) but that I still wonder about. Bonus. I meet her next week just for a "new patient appointment" (read: appointment where nothing is accomplished except for taking my history, which they should do at your physical, except if they did they would only get one $20 co-pay instead of two.)

I'm feeling good about her. Really good. Crazy, huh? Don't let me down, lady.

Resume medical records transfer hell.

[As a side note, Dr. G's office can only release their OWN records of my history to me, not the records that I paid $18.58 to have mailed to them. So, I had to call the medical records people back at Dr. N's practice and BEG them not to charge me another $18.58 to have another set of records mailed to me. Homegirl on the phone (after much begging and politely asking to talk to her superior) says, "okay, we'll waive the fee, but make sure you make a copy before you give them to the next doctor." I tell her that if she sends me these records, I will absolutely make a copy, and I promise I will NEVER call her again. She thinks I'm kidding and laughs. I'm not kidding. Really. Not. Kidding.]

The first OB I called (young, female, great online reviews) isn't accepting new patients.

Finally I broke down and called the office of another OB whose name I have heard overandoverandoverandoverandover from tons of people. The best. Loved by everyone. But OMG... He's male. That weirds me out a little bit, but I decided that it might be a sign that people KEEP SAYING HIS NAME. I was able to talk to a nurse right away on the phone to ask my 20 questions. She was nice and patient, and I got good vibes from her and the receptionist.

So ladies, it's official. I've cut my ties with Dr. N and the medical-records-hell that has been my life for the past two months.

Moving on, moving up, moving out.


Anonymous said...

Yay for optimistism!

All of my OB's have been males. It's never bothered me. It's very professional. However...my husband finds it hilarious that some guy gets paid to look up my hoo-haw..... ;)

Karen said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're in a good mood and feel positive. I've had both male and femaly OB/GYNs and I actually prefer the men. Maybe it's just me, but it feels stranger to have a woman feeling me up than a man.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for progress! I've always gone to a woman OB but if I need to go to an RE next time, it will be a man, as my woman RE has moved. Cooter cam may be a bit more awkward but hey, I'm sure they have seen it all before...

Azaera said...

Good for you! Glad you are cutting back in the stress department.