Saturday, September 5, 2009

What if updates were how we REALLY feel?

LuckyOnce is freaking out about what the future may bring.

LuckyOnce if effing glad that she got her period today.

LuckyOnce is thinking about getting s**tfaced.

LuckyOnce doesn't feel lucky at all.


Dawn said...

LOL!!! I always think what if I write, "Dawn wants a baby!!!" as my status update. I would never write it...but I always think about it!

Carolyne said...

In a moment of pure despair and rage (I'd got my period that day) I wrote something on my F/B along the lines of ' f**ked off - why do you all get to be pregnant and I'm the one having to hear about it all.'
To say it didn't go down well is an understatement. A lot of BC members read it.
It's ironic that we can't really be honest in status updates when we know/love those who will read it and in 'reality' we're honest about our feelings.

I guarentee the reponse to 'getting s***faced' would be somewhat different and more popular that 'wants a baby' lol.

Anonymous said...

"Yaya wants to rip her hair out and run away screaming from her job and never come back"

"Yaya has completely given up on a bio baby but is pretending she is still into it just for her husband's sake"

"Yaya is sick of her husband and is actually glad that she's working this weekend and not at home"

Wow...that was therapeutic. Thanks.

Karen said...

Karen thinks LuckyOnce SHOULD get s**tfaced, seeing as how she is not trying for a baby this month.

Karen is now wondering if maybe we should all just get s**tfaced together.

If Karen was there, she'd buy the first round in your honor.

Azaera said...

I hardly ever update my facebook status because there is always someone on my friends list who I wouldn't want to see whatever I feel like expressing. Sigh.