Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Little booger flipped around again. Now we get to hope (again) that she'll decide to flip one more time and then STAY there!! I seriously have no idea how I could miss feeling her turn, but I really didn't know she had turned.

My BP was 118/80, and my weight is still holding steady at a net gain of about 12-15 pounds, depending on whose scale you're looking at.

Baby's weight is around 5 lbs. 3 oz. and she has long legs, but a smallish head circumference. (That works for me!!)

The BPP (Biophysical profile) today was great. She scored 8/8, so she's doing great. My cervix is still closed, and I've been noticing some of the pains that I remember so well from my pregnancy with D. The familiar pains are the ones where I feel like she is either stomping on or poking my cervix. Very comfy, as you can imagine.

I'm feeling well, aside from having a little trouble getting comfortable to sleep. I tend to get tired in the afternoon, but still feel great most mornings.

I got a huge box of hand-me-down baby girl clothes from a friend, and I washed the newborn and 0-3 month ones so they're all ready to go... I can't believe how real this is getting.


Dawn said...

Oh crud! I hope she decides to flip over again too! I'm a little nervous that our little girl has done the same thing. She totally contorted my entire belly yesterday. Here's to hoping she was just stretching. Glad that all is going well otherwise. Amazing how close it's getting for the both of us!!

Stacie said...

Well that stinks. I hope she flips back around for you too. I never had to worry about Laney's position since I had a scheduled C-section.

That's all great news about everything else!

Anonymous said...

I hope she flips back for you! If not, do you think you would try and turn her or have a c-section? I know some doc's do breech vaginal births, but are hard to find.

I am due Friday as you know, but I have until almost 41 wks to go into labor or induce with no meds except a foley bulb for a vbac. Fingers crossed for both of us!


Karen said...

You're early enough that there's plenty of time for another backflip. After all, it'll only take her a moment or two. :D

I'm so happy things are finally coming along for you. Just think, soon you'll be posting about dirty diapers and colic and those sweet newborn yawns!

Anonymous said...

You are getting close the home stretch now! I hope she flips for you again. I could never tell which position Matthew was in or which body part was poking where.

Em said...

How exciting! I agree, this is getting so real! I hope she flips again!