Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The list

Still chipping away at the list. FINALLY sent in my check and request for official copies of D's birth certificate. (We have the one that they gave us in the hospital, but that's it.) Yes, he will be THREE in July. I know. So that's done.

Paid off T's car this week. :) I'm super-duper into money management and not overspending/ living within our means. This step makes me so happy. When we got married, T had lots of debt, which I fixed within a couple of year's time. We now have only T's school loan from his Master's degree and our mortgage left. That's it. SO excited.

Called our cable/phone/internet company and told them that having my bill go up $75 in three years (without adding anything) wasn't going to work for me. Removed one tier of special channels (like Discovery Health which I LOVE for the blood and guts shows, along with some free movie channels) and our bill dropped by almost FORTY dollars! She said she moved us into a new "bundle" which gave us discounts on our other services. This call has been on my mental list for about a year and a half. I've been putting it off because I'll miss those channels, but only every once in a while. Procrastinate much?

Baby update:

Had an u/s yesterday and she's still vertex. Yay! My blood pressure was 112/80, which is still okay. In my pregnancy with D, 36 weeks was when my BP started to climb at the end, so I'm excited to make it through another appointment with no major rise. My ankles are a tiny bit swollen, but my pee-in-a-cup was still protein free, so we're good for now!

I can't complain too much about how I'm feeling now. I have a long torso, so I'm still pretty comfotable most of the time. HOWEVER. Sleep is getting much more difficult. I have to get up to pee around 2:30 every night, which is no big deal, but I'm having a lot of trouble falling back asleep after that. About 4 of the last 5 nights, I've been unable to fall back to sleep for like TWO HOURS after I get up. :( Then T wakes up for work 30-45 minutes after I fall asleep, and D wakes up to begin his (ummm... make that our) day a short while after that. That is no fun.


Stacie said...

I just got Laney's birth certificate in the mail last week, and she's two. Don't feel bad. I totally put that off too, haha.

My husband's truck will be paid off this coming January. We knocked down our cable a bit last week too. Oooh, I love "Trauma: Life in the ER".

We must be on the same page.

Congrats on the baby still being head down and you having good blood pressure!

Carolyne said...

You sound incredibly organised.

We're planning on changing our SKY package too but not until this little one arrives as I love watching Discovery Health too. I'm a sucker for Deliver Me! Once he's here I can assume I'll have no time to sit and watch all the birth programmes (and have no need obviously) so as of September, the package will change.

Glad to hear the scan, wee sample and BP are all in the green. Not long now!

Anonymous said...

I love DHC, I only get to watch it at my mom's. Do you ever watch "I didn't know I was pregnant"? I have sick fascination with it, hah!

I can't believe how close you are!

Azaera said...

Whenever our bill gets too high C just calls and complains, then he threatens to switch cable companies and they put us on a promo. It's pretty sweet actually.

So exciting to be so close to having the baby isn't it? Sucks about the not falling back to sleep thing though.