Friday, May 22, 2009

Not so fast

What? You were excited (just a little) about a positive pregnancy test?

Not if Nurse nice-but-useless has anything to say about it.

A snippet of our phone call with blood test results:

Nurse nbu: Soooo... you decided to get a blood test today after all.

Me: Yes, because Dr. N. told me to. Remember I was telling you how my last m/c was at 6 weeks and he wants me to start on progesterone a.s.a.p.?

Nurse nbu starts talking over the end of my sentence...

Nurse nbu: Well, it's a positive result, but the hcg number is low. It's only 58. It should be around 500. We'll retest on Tuesday to see where it goes.

Me: Okay. Well, not that this necessarily means anything, but my positive pregnancy test with my son was several days after I expected my period.

Nurse nbu: (with HUGE amounts of doubt in her voice) Well... yes, It could be possible that you got pregnant later than you think you did.

(More talk about prenatals and baby aspirin and proges.terone.)

Me: Okay, well have a nice weekend.

Nurse nbu: (with "sympathetic head tilt" voice) Yooou toooooo.

Now, I know that she doesn't want to give us tragic infertiles false hope, but REALLY now... Could she at LEAST have said "we'll hope for the best" or something like that?


Anonymous said...

What an idiot that nurse is. I wanna slap her.

Stacie said...

It sounds like she doesn't have very good bedside manners.

I will say then, "Lets hope for the best!" since she failed to. I'm sure it doens't quite mean sh*t when I say it, but really, I hope things turn out the way they should.

What's the next step?

Bubba said...

Cowbag !!
Good Luck Honey. Im certainly keeping my fingers crossed for you !. XX

Karen said...

Fuck her. She's a stupid, inconsiderate bitch. I've had enough experiences with pregnancy and pregnancy tests to tell you that she doesn't have a clue what will happen. NO ONE does. Not me, you, her, or Dr. N. This is in God's hands, or fate's, or random nature or whatever. But I have seen perfectly healthy pregnancies where the parents and doctors do everything right end for no reason that anyone could find. And I've seen babies live when no one in their right mind would have any hope. All she can tell you is what might happen, not what will. So have faith in yourself, your family, your baby. There IS hope.