Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hope against hope

I have the tiniest shred of hope. It's probably just me burying my head in the sand, but here's what I figured out.

Last time I thought I should ovulate on a Wednesday, I didn't get a positive OPK until Saturday.

Hypothetically speaking, if I ovulated even three days late, I might have been only on DPO 15. According to a couple of charts I looked at, the average hcg for day 15 is 59. My hcg yesterday was 58. That could explain why the HPTs came back negative for so long.

Then I looked back at my calendar to see the beginning of my pregnancy with D. According to my LMP, he should have been due on July 4th. When I went for my first doctor's appointment, they told me he wasn't due until TWO WEEKS LATER. (If they told me that now, it would have completely freaked me out, but back then it just rolled off my back because I wasn't expecting bad news, and I didn't know what was normal.) He was indeed born a day after the due date that they predicted.

I'm still going to have a hard time enjoying the long weekend, but I'm not ready to completely give up hope until I hear the numbers on Tuesday - no matter what Nurse nbu thinks "in her medical opinion"...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that does make sense then. Phew.

Bubba said...

Im hoping and praying that cowbag nurse gets the smugness wiped from her soon !!
Come on numbers - keep climbing !!!
xx xx

Karen said...

When this baby is born nice and healthy, you can send the bitch a poopy diaper.

And trust me, those numbers don't mean shit. By the charts, my oldest was conceived when I was upside down on a roller coaster. I think I would have remembered if that happened. The chart was two weeks off. And the latest studies reveal that women can (and do) ovulate more than once in a cycle. The official conception date only tell you what usually happens for most women, not what actually happened with you.

wifey said...

I hope that you can relax enough to enjoy at least some of the long weekend!


Ibis said...

Grr, I'm sorry that nurse kind of ruined the weekend and your BFP high. This kind of thing seems so common... I hope next week you can talk to someone more helpful & reassuring!

Amy said...

I'm still hoping with you!

gallerygirl said...

I'm really sorry. I think your number sounds great and you will find that it doubled just fine today!

We know ourselves better than the nurses and doctors we talk to. Don't doubt yourself because of her. (Remember they told me I wasn't even pregnant?!?!) Hang in there, hon. You should have hope, there is no reason not to!