Monday, May 11, 2009

Word Verification

I'm totally psycho when it comes to word verifications on other people's blogs. When gallerygirl was newly pregnant, I got "ovelit" (as in, "the oven is lit" ala "there's a bun in the oven") as a word verification on her blog, and it had me convinced that either she or I was pregnant. (It turned out she was, and still is!) There have been many other times when the word verifications have seemed meaningful in some way - like they were predicting the future or something. (Yes, I already know I'm crazy, thankyouverymuch.)

So I'm in my two week wait. I keep waiting for those stupid word verifications to start taking on some meaning, but, nothing... Same old crap. Nonsense words. (Shocking, isn't it?)

In spite of all this, I'm optimistic. I'm hoping that if we don't get preggo this cycle, the clo.mid will help next time. (I'm all about having things to look forward to.) Meanwhile, I'm very, very eager to be pregnant. So here's what I've done over the past few days*:

1. Eaten tunafish (only chunk light, so less mercury)
2. Eaten deli meat (Listeriosis! Ack!)
3. Had wine (Fetal alcohol syndrome! Gasp!)
4. Licked the beater after making cookie dough (Raw egg... eek!)
5. Cleaned out the cat's litterbox (Toxoplasmosis! Oh no!)
6. Cleaned the shower (Oh, the fumes!)
7. Stood within 10 feet of the microwave while it was on (Radiation! Deformity!)

After a weekend like that of potential hazards to a developing blastocyst, it's a virtual lock that I'm going to be pregnant when I pee on a stick, right?

*I'm not trying to make light of being careful about what you put in your body when you're pregnant. I followed ALL of these rules every time I was pregnant. However, I'm just trying to say that it's Murphy's Law that things happen when you don't expect them to.


Karen said...

Now I'm gonna have to purposefully mistype the verification until I get something good. Only don't jinx it and make ME be the one who's pregnant. I already have 4 kids and just thinking of it is making me nervous.

OK... I've finally got one I like. Bunitie. Like an itty bitty bun in your oven. I'm going with that one. No everyone keep their fingers crossed that it's in Your oven, not mine.

Azaera said...

Everytime I'd get trashed (before trying to have my son) I would instantly start worrying when my period was a day late. When we decided to start trying I swore off everything and began taking prenatals everyday. And yet my son was still born with "defects" or whatever you want to call it, even though I didn't even touch a rolaid or cough medicine while I was pregnant. My pregnancy was textbook perfect. Sigh. So don't worry too much if you are pregnant and have done all those things. Oh and my word verification word is "retify" which I'm thinking is close enough to "rectify" so take that however you will. lol.

Christa said...

If I had a dollar for every time I did something "forbidden" when I was "potentially" pregnant...I'd be a very rich woman. The first time I tried getting pregnant I worried about everything, but now that I've had 3 losses I've learned to let it all go. I know now that the chances of me personally doing something to ruin my pregnancy is pretty slim. The chances of the chromosomes screwing up or my uterous giving out are HUGE! With experience comes I say until you KNOW you are pregnant pop open the wine, go grab a sub and hang out in front of the micro all you want!

PS- my word verification is "sceitt"....hmmmm

Stacie said...

Murphy's Law - I like that.

That's good that you're not stressing yourself out with doing everything "perfectly" when there is no such thing.

Everything in moderation, right?

My word verification: comighaw

Not sure what that one means.

Cara said...

HA! I love your reverse psychology on the univerise!!!

ok - here's mine: dystunts

um...that's not so hot is it?? Disregard.

Anonymous said...

You know, every month I make sure to get in all the things I love in case I won't be able to partake for 9 months, such as a huge deli sub, sushi, wine, etc.!