Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doctors and such

Hmmm... Well, I asked someone I know has gone through infertility and IVF to give me the names of some doctors that she researched and found to be highly regarded. (She definitely does her homework so I feel confident in her research.) She gave me two names. One of them is someone who I have already initiated a new appointment with (more on that later) and the second is Dr. N, MY DOCTOR.

She didn't know he was my doctor when she recommended him, so there was no bias. So, for what it's worth, he's apparently good enough so that his name is out there in the community and he's regarded as knowing what he's talking about. That's comforting in many ways.

I'm still planning to see Dr. N (current fertility doctor) for my follow-up and results of the chromosomal testing at the end of July. Then I have an appointment with the new doctor, Dr. G, in August. According to the person I know, she's "as good as they get in terms of a recurrent miscarriage specialist" and " if there's some sort of chromosomal issue, she'll be able to figure it out."

Here's to hoping that's the case.


Stacie said...

Hmm, that's kind of ironic. But, I think you have the right idea of having another appt. set up with another doctor as back up.

It certainly does not hurt to have several opinions.

Katie Jo said...

I'm sorry you have to go through this!!! But I'm glad you are seeking other opinions. Best of luck hun!

Karen said...

One thing to keep in mind is that a doctor's office staff can make a huge impact on their ability to do their best. From what you posted several months ago, it sounds like your problem isn't with Dr. N, it's with one of his nurses. It could be that he is a great doctor, when his staff gives him all the info you report to them.

Bottom line is that you should trust your own feelings. If you aren't happy with your care, switch.

Anonymous said...

*fingers crossed*