Monday, March 9, 2009


How about a break from the mundane tales of my ovulation? What do you say, ladies?

Amy over at There's Hope is worried that she may have to be induced and I told her that I'd be happy to share my story if she was interested. I thought I'd post it here since there are a few other mommies-to-be who read my little blog (and you never know when the person getting the induction might be you!)

First off, I never planned to be induced. In fact, I didn't have a birth plan, but the two things I strongly wanted to avoid were induction and c-section. So it got to be the day before my due date. I had been two cm dilated for like, TWO WEEKS. (Doctor saying, "the baby will come ANY TIME now.") At that appointment, I was FOUR cm dilated. Baby D was still seemingly not interested in taking a trip towards the light. My blood pressure was up (bordering on "pretty high"), I was kind of uncomfortable, and when I asked the doctor what she would do if she were in my situation, she said, "I would be induced." And so it was, that I set out to be induced.

As it turned out, the hospital had an influx of women actually IN labor, so they pushed off my induction until the day after my due date. I went in as scheduled at noon, and was finally hooked up to an IV by about 1:30 pm. At that point I was still about four cm dilated and 80 or 90% effaced. I was not given anything to ripen my cervix since I was already beginning to dilate. I was put on a slow pitocin drip and made very little progress for several hours. They upped the pitocin, and for a little while D's heart rate began to slow with every contraction. The nurses began to suggest that if that continued, I may need a c-section. They slowed the pit, gave my some oxygen (to get more oxygen to D) and D's heart rate steadied. I began to make progress by the evening and by about 9:00 pm, I was fully dilated and ready to push. D was born at about 9:45 pm. I did have an epidural at eight cm dilated, but all in all, the entire process was not as painful as I expected it might be.

I've oversimplified the story a little, but I have a few extra points to help you "interpret" my story, if you will.

1. I was already well dilated and effaced when I began, which probably makes a difference in time and pain.
2. The drop in D's heart rate was probably due to cord compression with each contraction. This was probably NOT related to the induction.
3. I think I have a fairly high pain tolerance.
4. I would not hesitate to be induced again in the future if it was recommended for me.
5. I gave birth at an AWESOME hospital in Boston and had complete faith in the doctors and nurses and their decision-making.

What I've learned:
1. You can't really "plan" birth.
2. Whatever road leads to a healthy, live baby is the best road to take.


Never Clever said...

Oooh, I hear you on the you can't really "plan" birth. I had a scheduled C-section 4 days before my due date, and I ended up going into labor 2 days before my scheduled appt. I still ended up having the surgery, even though I dilated to 6 cm. Sonofabitch contractions hurt.

You're very lucky for a high pain tolerance!!!

Amy said...

Thanks! I hope it all goes smoothly, but I already know it's not my "plan" so I'll just have to go with it! I hope I have high pain tolerance...I'm really not sure!

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to read your post today....I was 41 1/2 wks and induced. Going in I was only 1 cm and 90 percent effaced. My plan was the most natural labor and delivery possible that worked with my needs.
Needless to say, my water broke on it's own 2 hrs after the Cervadil, I dilated to 5cm and didn't dilate anymore. After 10 hrs of no dilation, we proceeded with a c-section (which I never planned for.) The doctor's discovered when my water broke his head/neck turned to the left and with no amniotic fluid to cushion him, he was basically stuck.

It was hard for me to deal with at the time (it was only 2 wks ago), but as soon as they pulled him out, I started bawling.

All that matters is having that little one come home with you, not how you delivered them. I couldn't ask for more than my son, especially after doing IVF to conceive (we have MF infertility.)

Best of luck to you on your journey for another baby...your blog has been great :)

She said...

Anonymous, Congratulations on your new addition! It really is amazing how "plans" never really seem to go as planned, but I'm so glad that you have a happy and healthy baby to show for it! (Now comes the harder part... raising the baby!) :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sounds like you have a pretty high pain tolerance if you made it to 8 cm on the pit. :o)

I hope that my birth goes according to my "plan" but if not, I will of course be happy just to have a healthy baby in the end!