Friday, June 5, 2009

Great deals at Shaw's this week!

Update on the pregnancy: I looked back at my ultrasound results for one of my ultrasounds with D. It turns out that I had a simple ovarian cyst, a complex ovarian cyst, and a hemorrhagic physiologic cyst when I was pregnant with him. I'm going to talk to my doctor about that if/when I get to see him again if the pregnancy lasts. My boobs seem less sore at times, and I'm not extremely hopeful about my 7 week ultrasound, but I'm also not completely hopeless. Still no bleeding or spotting, and I'm starting to believe that it's the progesterone that's giving me the cramping/bloating that I've been experiencing.

Now on to more fun and exciting things!!

Shaw's Supermarket has a great deal this week that can be paired with some coupons that are available online. (Shaw's is only in the Northeast United States, so I apologize for those of you who don't have a Shaw's nearby! Check out the coupon websites below anyway.)

Shaw's is running a "Buy $25 Save $10 On your next purchase" sale. You can check their online circular for the specific list of things that the sale applies to. Also, just for today and tomorrow, you can get Salmon Fillets for $4.88/ lb., Hood Ice Cream for $1.88, and Thomas' English Muffins for $0.88/pack.

Go to,, or for printable manufacturer's coupons. Some of them are the same on all three sites, but I've had luck printing from each site. There is usually a limit on how many of each coupon you can print.

For pairings for this specific sale, there are coupons on the above websites for Fiber One bars, Chex Mix bars, Betty Crocker Frosting, and General Mills cereals (including Total, Golden Grahams, Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, and Trix).

I happened to have several manufacturer's coupons that I had previously cut out that I will be using for the sale too. All in all, I will be buying 13 items. I have 8 coupons which will give me an additional savings of $6.20. Out of pocket, I'll spend $19.55 (I went over the $25 by a hair) and I'll get a $10 coupon to use on my next order. That's $25 worth of stuff for $9.55.


Karen said...

Ha! I knew I could turn you into a coupon queen! Seriously, that's good shopping. No Shaw's here, though. You'll have to buy extra just for me.

Cara said...

Oh YEAH - and DAMN! I was just there today and didn't know about the additional coupon thing!

Don't forget...cents off gas too if you hit fifty bucks!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're on that much progesterone. I'm sure it's tons of wackiness to you, but I would be the same way and want to be on the max dose.
Watch out for yeast infections. All that poking and prodding with the suppositories and then the constant "puddle" in my liner made me prone to infections.

Wifezzilla said...

thanks for this, you're the best.

and i envy your savvy shopping!