Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time out for baked onion rings

Because I have nothing of true substance to write (sore-ish boobs, no spotting, no discomfort/cramps except right after I do the suppositories) I thought I'd share an awesome recipe that I made last night.

One of my favorite websites is I've been craving onion rings for the past few days so I decided to search for a recipe for baked onion rings. Honestly, I'd rather not waste the calories on fried, but in reality, it's more about wasting all of that oil to deep fry them! Sooooo, if you're a fan of onion rings like I am, try out this recipe! They're baked, but they actually come out CRISPY! (They're fat free too, unless you count the non-stick cooking spray.)

Baked Onion Rings

If you try it, make sure you read the reviews and follow the advice they give. Make sure the egg whites are beaten until they form soft peaks, and be sure to split the breading into multiple bags because it doesn't stick after it gets soggy. (Next time I make them I'm going to try putting the breading in a bowl - just a veeeery small amount at a time - to try to avoid using so many plastic bags.)

Tree hugger, signing off.


Stacie said...

I don't even like onions, but this sounds good!

Anonymous said...