Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random nothingness

My son has a cold (go figure... it's June) and I of course, because I have no immune system, got it too. I don't feel terrible but it's definitely a reminder that preggos can't escape germs.

I'm still tired, but not much else to report in terms of symptoms. My boobs are tender, but not "sore." I have to just kind of assume that everything is going as it should until I find out differently. When I was at Tar.get today, I peeked at the baby clothes. I couldn't help myself.

I'm still on my "clean-out" kick and just unloaded a big box of candles from the basement on Freecycle.org today. Little did I know how many people would want a box of candles. Holy smokes. I got about 30 replies, I would say. Crazy.

My body seems to be craving fruit these days. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of leftover brownies. Brownies and fruit go well together, right? ;)


Stacie said...

I'm sorry that you both have colds. Glad you're not feeling terrible. I LOVELOVELOVE throwing/cleaning things out. Ughh, the utter satisfaction is incredible.

Brownies are perfect with fruit.

Anonymous said...

Mmm...chocolate covered strawberries sounds good now!
Hope the cold goes away quickly.