Saturday, June 20, 2009

Status Quo

Status quo. That's what I told my friend when she asked a couple of weeks ago how the "getting pregnant" stuff was going. Okay, it was a lie, but I just didn't feel like getting into it with her. (She knows about the miscarriages, but not that I'm pregnant again.) Somehow, if she had asked about how I was doing with dealing with the miscarriages, it would have felt different than her asking how I was doing with the "pregnancy" thing. One way it's concern, the other way it kinda feels like satisfying her curiosity.

On the pregnancy front, no additional spotting after yesterday, so that's comforting. I've had a left-side-of-the-forehead headache for a couple of days, which I'm now willing to call a symptom. I've also been tired for the past few days. I told T this morning that now that I know I'm actually still pregnant, I'm willing to believe that the lethargy is an actual pregnancy symptom, and not just my body being lazy. :)

Time to make carrot cake with cream cheese frosting to celebrate the fathers in my life tomorrow (notably my dad, T, and my brother.)

With Father's Day tomorrow, my thoughts go out to all of the ladies (and their hubbies) out there still waiting for their babes.


Carolyne said...

I can understand the dilemma of speaking to folk this early on but in no time at all there'll be no hiding it!
Hoe the headache fades.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...we don't really 'celebrate' Mother's and Father's Day...

Yay for you being pregnant!

wifey said...

I hear on the satisfying the curiosity of others thing - that's why I don't tell very many folks about any of this.

So glad to hear that your spotting has stopped!