Monday, August 10, 2009

Fertility Doc round-up

As I took a left out of the end of my road this morning, not two minutes from my house, I hit a detour. (They're repaving a piece of the street that been in ruins for the entire two years I've lived here. Two years.) I called my husband and said, "do you think that it's a bad omen that I'm only two minutes from home and I already hit a detour?"

Luckily, the rest of the ride was uneventful and the doctor's appointment wasn't all bad.

Two major things came out of the appointment today: I'm NOT taking Clomid after all, and I'm going to try to stop drinking during the months when I'm TTC. That goes completely against my rule of "I refuse to put my life completely on hold" but the doctor suggested that although occasional drinking while TTC doesn't increase the odds of miscarriage, there are some studies that show that drinking even while trying to conceive can adversely affect the baby.

Here's how it went down. The doctor never did get my medical record. It's probably going to show up in their mail today. Thanks a lot you useless-piece-of-crap medical records person who "put it in the mail" on Wednesday of last week. It could have made it there by pony by now.

I basically paid a whole lot of money out of pocket for the doctor to order the chromosomal testing for T and I that Dr. N probably should have ordered.

See, having a normal baby doesn't necessarily rule out chromosomal issues for T and I as I understood Dr. N to say. (Maybe I misunderstood him, but either way, he didn't order the tests.) Dr. G. ordered those labs, which I'm really happy about, and the results will be available in a few weeks.

Now for the Clomid. I'm sure that Dr. N has reasons / a good track record with the use of Clomid for people like me. However, when I told Dr. G that I was being prescribed Clomid (and I'm supposed to start taking it today if I'm going to take it) she couldn't understand why he was suggesting Clomid since I don't have trouble getting pregnant. In fact, she said that 20% of the time, Clomid causes the endometrial lining to be thinner, which I definitely don't need to add to my list of things to worry about. I explained that Dr. N wanted to help my body to produce progesterone on its own, and she didn't seem to agree, but she kept her opinion to herself.

My impression of Dr. G is a tough call. She absolutely knows her stuff. She's very, very smart, but she also talked fast and "above my head" for much of the time. In the end, I think I preferred that to the feeling that I get with Dr. N, that he (and his staff) are not paying enough attention. Dr. G is being proactive and ordering more tests. Dr. N's suggestion was to just "see what happens."

The plan: Chromosomal testing for T and me, try to get pregnant this month (yay!) and start taking progesterone three days after LH surge. Baby aspirin is up to me, and she said to go ahead and start taking it now if I want to. (It sounded like she didn't think it made a difference.)


Stacie said...

Well it sounds like that was a pretty productive appointment that you had today. That's great!

It's always hard when you have two different doctors (that are well-respected) telling you two different things. Go with your gut instict. I like the fact that Dr. G is more pro-active. I hope that you're able to get more answers soon with the tests that have been ordered.

Congrats on being able to TTC this month!

Wendy said...

Dr. G :1 , Dr. N: 0. The fact that Dr. G was able to call out right away why you were prescribed Clomid when you didn't need it just shows you who is keeping your best interest at heart. Question about baby aspirin - do you have to be prescribed this or can it be bought over the counter? Been wondering how to get it (what dosage) and if I should start taking it too...guess I should be patient and wait for my appt next week? waiting sucks. Good luck on your TTC month!!

cheryllookingforward said...

I'm all for the doctors that are willing to test right away. Waiting to see if next time is ok is not an option!
I'm starting baby aspirin at the end of this month and we'll start TTC again in September. Here's to this little pill making a difference for both of us!
Wendy - you can get it at any pharmacy. It is the 81mg dose. I've heard it doesn't hurt to take it (but I've heard a lot of things) - don't be afraid to ask your doctor about it.

Shannon said...

Well, I'm glad Dr. G is being more proactive and you are having more testing done. I do know a few women whose husbands have chromosomal problems, who have had both a normal child(dren) and miscarriages. At least this way you'll know. If not, then I'm sure Dr. G will have something else in the way of tests and treatments for you.

good luck ttc this month!

Karen said...

I also think Dr G is probably the one to trust. I wondered why Dr. N assumed that having one healthy baby was proof of not having a chromosome problem. The way it works is that if a trait is recessive in both parents, it will be completely absent in 25% of their children. That's the basic theory at least. I'm sure it's much more complicated than what I learned in high school.