Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not sure

I'm nervous.

We have no new answers.

We have no chrom.osomal test results.

We have no new "plan" besides, "try again and hopefully you won't miscarry."

I'm not sure if I want to try this cycle (before we get the results of the Chrom.osome tests).

And it's creeping up on me very fast.



Wifezzilla said...

"try again and hopefully you won't miscarry."

-What a coincidence, we're just about to try the same thing! I am not sure, but if this eventually works, the sciency people may be onto something. I am starting to not really believe sex actually can make real live babies. But then again, I've been proven wrong before.

(my biterness is showing! i blame "snelsing". my word verification.)

wifey said...

ohhh, the uncertainty! It truly sucks.

wifezzilla, you made me lol with your comment about actual sex making babies. hilarious.

Anonymous said...

If you're not ready, don't try, but if you are, I wouldn't let waiting for the results stop you. If there is a chromosomal problem, there isn't much to do except do IVF with PGD which doesn't always work anyway. I say go for it!

Karen said...

I think I vote to wait. Not that I think you don't have a chance of getting pregnant and carrying to term. I just know how much you've been through recently and if it were me I wouldn't be ready emotionally. But I can see also how every month you wait makes a difference in your odds so I understand that this isn't a clear cut choice. Good luck in whatever you decide.

Azaera said...

I hate the uncertainty. And how scary it is to think that you might have a baby with problems, especially if those problems may terminate the pregnancy. I'm not looking forward to meeting with the geneticist the next time around. I hope you get some (good) answers very soon.

Christa said...

I agree with Karen. If you're not sure,then you should wait. I've left about 9 months between each of my losses. I don't chose the length of time between ttc, my heart does. I let my heart and mind decide if I should try or not. Just a couple of months ago I was feeling very uneasy about trying again, but now here I am 8 months post loss and feeling ready. I'm actually looking forward to ttc. It's this feeling that I always wait for. This feeling only comes around after giving myself time. I believe that we should try again when we feel strong enough to endure a loss, not a pregnancy. Because if we based it on being strong enough for a pregnancy, we would always be ready. When we base it on being strong enough for a loss, we have most likely given ourselves enough time to heal.

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