Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You HAVE to be effing kidding me

So much for my list of things to be grateful about. (I mean, I'm still grateful for those things but am currently moving on to the new sh*t being slung my way.)

I made an appointment with that specialist I was telling you all about in July. She works out of BigHospital in BigCitySortOfNearMe. She also works one day a week in SmallHospital MuchCloserToMeButInTheNextState.

Let's put it this way. This has not been a good week.

Getting my records sent to the new doctor has been a NIGHTMARE. I think I'm up to somewhere around 15 phone calls (maybe more). Finally the new doctor's office called the medical record office of my normal doctor and THEY asked for the records to be sent. (Miraculously, when a doctor's office calls, it doesn't take "10-14 days" for records to be forwarded.) So that was the horror of Monday.

That was just round one. Today was the TKO. (Technical knock out, for those who don't know boxing lingo.)

I'm new to this "choose your own doctor" business. When I called BigHospital in BigCitySortOfNearMe and they told me that the specialist also has office hours in SmallHospital MuchCloserToMeButInTheNextState, I said, "cool!" and I scheduled my appointment there (in the next state).

I've been calling my PCP's office since Monday to get the referral. Today, I got a call from the new specialist's office making sure that I was working on getting the referral. I was waiting for a phone call back from someone at my OB's office, but the specialist's nurse told me I needed it from my PCP (whose office had told me to call the OB on Monday.)

Are you dizzy yet?

Long story short, when I finally spoke with the person in medical records, she said that they can't give me a referral because they don't do out of state referrals. (It would have been nice if the person who originally told me that I could see the doctor in the next state had TOLD me that a referral might be problematic.)


The good news is that I had already called on Monday to make an appointment with a therapist and I'm seeing her next week. The bad news is that I REALLY need it now because I'm pretty sure I'm going to go insane.


Karen said...

Good grief! Can they make it any more complicated?

Will they do the referral to New Dr's in-state office and then let you "change" your appointment to the out of state office once the paperwork is complete?

And I just realized my verification word is antler. Not sure if that means anything to you but it's strange that it's a real word.

Stacie said...

Sounds like one big cluster f*%k.

I hope everything works out for you.

Can we go to therapy together?!

Azaera said...

Oh man that's so not cool. I'm sorry you have to deal with this crap.

gallerygirl said...

Sorry, hon! I hope that you can get everything you need to get moving in another direction. Still thinking of you!

Wendy said...

ugh!! I am totally feeling your frustration (it's bringing back fresh feelings from my post a few weeks ago) Sometimes people just don't think to go that 'extra step' - i.e. the first receptionist could have told you all of that without you having to go in circles! I'm laughing b/c I got a vm yesterday from my GP office finally telling me when my appt with the OB would be - hello?! the OB office told me 2 weeks ago you morons! Don't tell me it takes 2 weeks to call me back to say "yes you got the appt!"
*shaking fist* - wish I could tell you to take it easy but sometimes it's so much easier to vent it all out :)

wifey said...

what a pain in the vajayjay. I was going to say a** but vajayjay is much closer to the truth.

Anonymous said...

That is SO frustrating.