Monday, August 10, 2009

Maybe I'll have just one more glass

After my afternoon/evening, I decided to have one more cocktail to kick off my alcohol-free baby making time.

After my morning (see below), here's my afternoon:

Step 1. Call Dr. G's office to confirm that I can go to any lab to get my bloodwork drawn.

Step 2. Call insurance company to make sure that my out-of-state bloodwork prescription (from Dr. G) will not cause problems and will not be rejected for payment for any reason.

Step 3. Go online to check when BigNameDiagnostics lab closes.

Step 4. Pack D into car to get to BigNameDiagnostics lab 30 minutes before closing.

Step 5. Strike out at BigNameDiagnostics lab because they don't know which test Dr. G was referring to on a few of the things on the prescription, and Dr. G's office is already closed.

Step 6. Go home. Feed D dinner. Go online to check what time the lab at Dr. N's office (much further away than BigNameDiagnotics lab) closes. 8 PM.

Step 7. Call lab and confirm that they know what all of the tests are and that I won't go there for nothing. Yes. No problem.

Step 8. Load D back into the car. Drive through rush hour traffic. Get to the lab and wait while two clinicians confer about the tests needed.

Step 9. Agree to having all of the tests "except for this one" done because they don't know which one the doctor meant.

Step 10. Drive home, put D to bed, pour cocktail.

Step 11. Plan when I will be able to go BACK to get another blood draw.


Karen said...

Maybe two cocktails would be more appropriate. Just to replace some of the blood they drew.

Why on earth would they say they could/would do all the tests and have you drive all that way to not do the tests? Idiots.

Stacie said...

I'm exhausted just reading how your day went.