Saturday, August 8, 2009


(Too much information, for your information) I stole this from Yaya, because it is fitting for this news.

Well ladies, the crimson bitch has ridden into town.

5 weeks 2 days post D & E. Not too bad.


Wifezzilla said...

that's pretty good news, because it means things are working themselves back to normal. ha, normal. i know.

Anonymous said...

I always hate the period after....just another dreaded reminder...

wifey said...

Glad that things are working as they should for you. Sorry that means AF.

Hey, I've given you an award! Check out my blog to accept.

Lorink said...

I glad it's back so you know your body is getting in the swing of things, but I agree with Yaya... The periods after my m/c have triggered post-traumatic stress like crying jags from me. Feel free to let yourself be sad if you are.