Thursday, August 20, 2009

A sentence. (about my son)

My baby.

The one who wasn't really talking at 20 months. The one who did Interve.ntion because he was behind in his expressive (spoken) language score. The one who got ear tubes at 20 months because he had constantly had fluid in his ears for months. The one who said his first real word three days after the ear tubes went in and hasn't looked back since.

My baby said his first real, spontaneous sentence today. "I like strawberries."

And suddenly everything that I've been going through over the last few weeks doesn't seem as important. I know this feeling won't last forever, but for tonight, things are pretty dang good.


Stacie said...

How precious is that?! So momentous. Put it in his baby book!

I look forward to sentences that are spontaneous.

My word for this comment is: brawl


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Wendy said...

Your post made me tear up. I have a dear friend whose daughter is now 5 and has not spoken a word. She is the sweetest little girl though and I pray that one day she will get her words back like your son. Enjoy this moment - it's the first of many to come!

Anonymous said...
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